Changes of Tomorrow

Trends transforming society

Change is a constant

Society is transforming. Powerful trends are reshaping businesses, driving new technologies, shifting talent needs, and changing human behaviour. It is crucial for all industries to stay up to date with these changes, and respond accordingly.

We’ve mapped these trends for over 20 years by collaborating with industry leaders across the world. We use the insights to shape our programs, so that our talented students meet market demand. With these reports we are sharing our insights with the world.

This is the second issue of the trend report Changes of Tomorrow. It builds on the first report released in Spring 2015. The focus stays the same with four themes framing the research, and we’ve collaborated to define new trends and update existing ones.

Regardless of your industry, it’s essential to consider the impact of these changes on your work. The “Reflect” sections at the end of each trend will help you do that. You will also find tips, tools, and methods to support you to stay up to date and lead the change.

How we map industry trends

Once a year we host a global Industry Forum as part of our continual trend mapping process. We gather 100+ industry leaders in our hubs across the world to deep-dive into each theme. Together we ideate, organise, and map the trends that will have the biggest impact in the next three years.

We use a robust 4-step workshop to guide the Forum. This has been refined over many years, and always delivers valuable insights for business development.

Do you want to map trends in your company? We’ve shared the process so you can do it to.

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Our Process
Frame the Question
We challenge participants to look into the future together. We ask: "Over the next 3 years, what will be the most influential trends in the areas of business, technology, human behaviour, and talent?" The goal is to get a range of ideas, not just the obvious trends.
Explore & Ideate
We ideate, using the imagined future to spark new ideas. In small groups, participants explore and discuss each area, coming up with as many trends as possible. Every few minutes the groups are mixed up, to facilitate cross-pollination of knowledge and inspiration.
Cluster & Codify
We organise the ideas, combining common ones and filtering out anomalies. As trends emerge, groups write each trend into a one-line description, a "trend statement". We also identify what impact the trend will have on society and if it will manifest within three years.
Prioritise & Predict
We filter statements by giving the groups a large set of axes: Impact - high and low, and Time - present to future. The trends are placed in the diagram by answering two questions: "When will this trend fully hit the industry and society?" and "How much impact will it have on society?"

A selection of our participants

Over 100 industry experts and thought leaders from all over the world, across disciplines have collaboratively mapped out the future. Here's a selection:

Farah Assir
Mobile Product Designer, Meetup
Paulina Modlitba Söderlund
Digital strategist and marketer, Egen firma
Beata Wickbom
Digital Strategist & (Module leader at Hyper Island), Socialight & HejDigitalt
Malou Adler
Head of Team coaching, ustwo
Annika Sten Pärson
Founder CEO, Asp Thrive
Ted Persson
Co-founder, Great Works
Christina Wallace
American Museum of Natural History, Founder BridgeUp, STEM
Jonas Antonsson
CEO, Raw Fury
Amy Vernon
Amy Vernon LLC, Head Honcho
Helen Von Bahr
Board Member, Rapunzel of Sweden
Dev Aujla
CEO, Catalog
Gustaf Rydelius
PR & Online Media Specialist, AB Volvo
Anna Gullstrand
CEO, Fröjd Interactive
Malin Ströman
Development Manager, Children Online, SVT
Malin Stråhle
CTO, Schibsted Publishing
Nora Kanutte
UX Designer, Tactel AB
Tobias Ahlin
Chief Designer, Lookback
Martina Gobec
Head of Design, ustwo
Greg Henriques
Executive Creative Director, Thinkable
Sïmon Saneback
CEO, Alvaldi
Steinar Danielsen
Experience design lead, Doberman
Amelie Winberg
Consultant, PR and Corporate Communication, Hallvarsson & Halvarsson
Joacim Westlund
CEO, Shortcut Labs (Flic)
Lesley Pennington
CEO and Founder, Bemz
Christer Hedberg
Head of creative development, Stendahls
Cas Lemmens
Product Designer, Spotify
James Cooper
Head of Creative, Betaworks
Kat Egan
Co Founder, Kat Egan
Johan Wistrand
Customer Experience Manager, SJ AB
Joel Brosjö
VP Product & Brand, Soundtrack Your Brand / Spotify Business
Michoel Ogince
Founding Partner, Windforce Ventures
Andreas Andersson
Business Director, Apegroup
Digge Zetterberg Odh
Head of Talent and Promotion, The North Alliance
Martin Gustafsson
Digital Director
Phi-Hong Ha
Creative Director, Doberman
Tobias van Schneider
Designer, Maker, House of van Schneider
Katarina Strömberg
Editor in Chief, Internetworld/IDG
Anette Gustafsson
CEO & Change Leader, Netsky Business Change AB
Nico Nuzzaci
Design Principal, Skype
Åsa Bergquist Håål
Consultant organizational development, Håål Management AB
Petra Stenqvist
Digital business creative, POND Digital
Brit Stakston
CEO, Stakston PR &
Anders Mellbratt
IoT Expert & Interaction Designer, Ziggy Creative Colony
Michael Kazarnowicz
Head of Innovation, Pronto Communication
Samuel Fast
Founder, CD, Brikk
Axel Björneke
Account Manager, TNS Sifo
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